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Our Story

In our booming retail story, large section of India advanced to the next level, but there are many who are still struggling with makeshift or 'jugaad' solutions.

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With good quality roads, clean footpaths, better infrastructure, the cityscape is rapidly changing. However, now and then, we see one struggling street vendor trying to hold the unimaginable scale of things on his bicycle with old ropes, and sheer will power.

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Tigoona design caters to the functional requirements of many businesses on the bicycle. At the same time, it will bring pride to these vendors with its unique, elegant design character.

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In this male-dominated segment, Tigoona brings hope for the women entrepreneurs. Tigoona offers a safe ride to all women vendors without fear of falling or balancing. The design is compatible with traditional costumes.

Tigoona is empowering the street vendors

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Better Enterprise

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Better Story

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Better Experience

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Awards & Recognition

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