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A business and mobility solution for street entrepreneurs


Comfort • Safety • Mobility

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It is designed to carry big loads upto 100kgs.

50 kg

Lower basket

25 kg

Upper & middle basket

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Display Area  

Spacious and customizable display

to meet different business needs.

Total Compartments

3 (upper, middle and lower)


2 (upper and middle)

Goods carrier at rear wheel

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Technical Specification

Effortless to use, it is designed for comfort and safety. 

45 Kg

Weight of trike

180 L

Max volume

1808 x 1154 x 808 mm

Size of the vehicle

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Folding Umbrella 

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Solar Powered Lights

Designed with Purpose

A human-centric design, the Tigoona could well redefine the way merchandise and materials are moved, distributed and sold.


If your heart beats for the hawkers, the vendors, the feriwalas, the rediwalas and the lariwalas

Join us in this journey