m Tigoona

Designed and developed by Studio ABD, Bangalore


1. How much weight can Tigoona carry? 

It can carry 50kgs’s in the lower basket and 25kgs in upper and middle basket respectively. In total it can carry 100kgs. Additional 10kgs at back carrier for personal items. 


2. How much volume can it carry?

It can carry 180-200 litres of volume at a go. 


3. What is the weight of the trike? 

It weighs 45kgs in total


4. What is the dimension of the Tigoona? 

The overall size is of Tigoona is 1808x1154x808 mm (Approx)


5. Are baskets removable/ adjustable? 

Yes, the baskets are removable and the height of the upper and middle basket can also be adjusted as per the need of the user.


6. How much is the display and storage area? 

Tigoona has three baskets in the front and a rear carrier in the back. The vendor can use the space as per the business requirements. The baskets are in the grid format to enable hanging and displaying of goods. Tigoona has been carefully crafted to be able to adapt to different business needs. 


7. Can women in sarees or men in traditional dress ride it? 

Yes, Tigoona is carefully designed to match the comfort and safety of the users. 


8. Do users need bicycling experience?

No, a new user can easily adapt to Tigoona, as there is no need of balancing like on a bicycle. It is also compact and modular for safe commuting on the road. 


9. Is there any license required to use the Trike?

There is no need for a license but it is good to check local city municipality rules /policies for street vendors/ hawkers.


10. What accessories are provided to the user with a Tigoona tricycle? 

It comes with a folding umbrella, a solar powered light which can be  attached to the umbrella are included in the cost. 


11. In case of damage and repair who needs to be consulted? 

Tigoona is made from material/ parts which are used in normal bicycles, therefore a vendor can go to any nearby cycle/service shop to get it repaired. 


12.  What is the warranty of the product? 

All manufacturing defects for a period of 6 months are covered in the warranty. Regular wear and tear, scratches and accidental damage is not covered. Tyres and tubes are not covered under warranty.


13. How is Tigoona delivered and who helps in assembling it? 

Tigoona comes in a flat pack with all the accessories. An assembly manual will be provided with the purchase order. In case of bulk delivery our team will take care of the assembly.

Got a question? You can write to us at hello@tigoona.com