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Street Vendors - Freedom from Pain

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Street Vendors in India

The last two decades were a golden era for the retail and consumer market in India. The e-commerce boom transformed the way to buy and sell goods in the country. Started as a technology platform to connect brands and consumers, today it touches every member of the retail landscape in the country - brands, consumers, suppliers, carriers, traditional retail, service providers, institutions, investors, resellers, etc.

It has been a win-win situation for everyone.




Well, Almost!

One of the most critical players in India's middle-class consumer market is the ubiquitous "Street vendors and hawkers". They are the lowest denominator of the retail market, providing products and services to the most inaccessible consumer in the populous country.

Sreet vendors or small businesses have been in a state of apathy for decades. While one section of India has moved to the next level with the economic and technological revolution, one large section is still stuck with old Jugaad, Indian Street Vendors. These street vendors and many small corner stores revenues depend on customer reaching their location. Covid19 pandemic created an unprecedented situation for everybody, and the lockdown was extremely harsh for street vendors, small businesses. Social distancing and home delivery of goods/ services are the new norms. In this new norm, how do these small vendors/stores survive? There are more than 10 million estimated street vendors in urban cities of India.

Many of them use makeshift contraptions on a bicycle to adapt to their business needs. Since independence, the design of the bicycle and the hardships of these vendors remained the same. A true reflection of our development and progressiveness is to see our streets as clean, neat and beautiful as our inside compound experiences. The tangible and intangible progress must reach the bottom of the pyramid to bridge the social divide to bring pride and a sense of belonging. Most of our mobile businesses are designed for men, though women participate equally in earning the wages; there are very few examples of systems designed for women entrepreneurs and mobility.

In our booming retail story, the hawkers or the mobile vendors of India have been awaiting their turn to earn attention and positive transformation.


Tigoona Street Vendor Pushcart

Tigoona is a conscious mobility solution that improves the quality of life & earning potential of street entrepreneurs. The design negotiates the physical, social, climatic & financial challenges faced by our ubiquitous retail service providers and hope to give them the attention and opportunities that's been long due. Tigoona ( तिगूना or three times) will help street vendors/ hawkers to achieve three times more from their life. Tigoona is a revolutionary mobility solution for Indian street entrepreneurs, sensitively designed for safe use for both men and women. Tigoona's modular design can adapt to most businesses on the street like food, snacks, products, delivery, etc. The 3-wheeled product customised for street vending & retail logistics comes in two variants - manual & electric.

Vendors Cart Tigoona

Tigoona offers mobility, safety and comfort to all static street vendors, including women who had no mobility due to balancing the bicycle. It will bring a sense of pride for every street hawker, progressiveness on the road and more revenue opportunity for women.

Tigoona Street Vendors Trike

We'd love you to be a part of this program by sponsoring, connecting us to relevant people and/ or spreading the word. Watch the story of Tigoona and give us a signal. We'll happily connect with you to build this conversation & drive the change.

Street Vendor Cart

If your heart beats for the street vendors, connect with us and explore how you can help. Click here to connect.

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